Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Windy Butte - Part 2 - Finishing the build

This is the second post covering the build of the Windy Butte, a large terrain feature for Beaverlick Falls. The first post can be found here

At the end of part one the 3 pieces of the butte had been constructed and finished with plaster

The next step involved covering the ground areas with a mix of 'gloop'.  This is a mix of brown decorators caulk, sand, PVA glue and water - a ratio of 5/3/1/1 respectively is used which gives a yogurt like consistency that is easy to spread into areas, but not too runny that it goes everywhere.  Once the gloop is applied small cork granules are added in areas of fallen rocks and sand is sieved over the remaining areas to give a textured finish

Once dried, the groundwork areas were given a dry brushing of brown earth shade paint and then further dry brushing of lighter shades until an overall earth effect was achieved.

Bushes and undergrowth were added next - the buses are bits of doormat that had previously been cut into small irregular pieces, brushed with PVA and then dipped into loose foliage flock.  A supply had been prepared prior to the butte construction so they were ready for use.  The other bushes are a mix of commercial and home made foliage clumps.

After the bushes were added, to finish the build Javis fine turf flock was added to grass areas using dilute PVA.

  A few photos showing different arrangements of the three parts of the butte to demonstrate the benefits of the modular construction.

That's it. I hope you found the article useful.


  1. An excellent result and informative tutorial - thanks for sharing.
    Might be beyond me but great to see the process.
    Best wishes,